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Welcome to my website! This site primarily serves to document and present the major projects that I have been privileged to work on as an engineer. By publishing my designs and methodologies on the web I aim to both spur dialogue and share knowledge with other engineers and students. Please feel free to e-mail me about anything you find interesting on this site at .


Recent Projects

  • Passive Wafer Alignment
    Passive Wafer Alignment
    I designed, fabricated, and evaluated this device to passively align 100mm wafers on a metrology stage. Three pins constrain the wafer and a flexure applies a nesting force. The design focused on optimizing pin locations for optimum positioning repeatability.
  • 2015 ASPE Student Competition
    2015 ASPE Student Competition
    2015 ASPE Student Design Competitio. Congratulations, team on winning first place!
  • AFM Z-Axis Auto Approach
    AFM Z-Axis Auto Approach
    A mechanical system consisting of a voice coil actuator fixed to a flexural bearing provides sub-micron positioning resolution over a 1-mm range and allows automated approach for an AFM metrology system.